FundingThe Next Generation  of Entrepreneurs

Bridger Pennington

Helping the 
Next Generation 
of Entrepreneurs

Bridger Pennington

Black Bridge Holdings

Strategy That Works. Partners That Elevate. Investments That Matter.
We Aren't Just Better. We're Different.
Speed of Funding Most Deals are Funded Within 24 Hours
Sound Investing Principles We Only Invest in Deals that Benefit Our Investors, Clients
Transparent Communication with Partners, Investors and Clients
"What's The Next Step To Partner With Us?"
Step 1
Click "Partner With Us" Below
Step 2
Connect With One Of Our Principles
Step 3
Review Materials and Documents
Step 4
We Start Making Money Together

What Makes Us Different

No Credit Pull

We don't require clients to pull credit before receiving funding

Flexible Payback

We don't set a hard deadline for clients to pay us back. We base it contingent on their other funding

All 50 States

We are able to lend to clients in all 50 states. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of companies do you like to partner with?
Black Bridge Holdings loves to partner with companies that are helping entrepreneurs access capital through business lines, credit card stacking, or term loans
How fast can you fund deals? 
We can typically fund a client within 24 hours of receiving the deal
How soon can I start working with us?
Most new partners are sending us deals within 48 hours of their original call
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